3 Common Job Search Myths:

Between the advice of almost 1 million on LinkedIn with the terms career and job search in their titles, and the well-meaning suggestions of friends and family (many who haven’t jobs searched in 5+ years), it can be tough to separate the two.


A GREAT RESUME WILL GET YOU PAST ATS Job boards are saturate with applicants, which means they can be like black holes for you resume – no matter how great it is.

Bypass applying online as a first point-of-entry by focusing on landing referrals., THEN wow them with a great resume that can then be submitted online AND read by Applicant Tracking Software systems.

Only 7% of employee referrals apply for roles, but this accounts for 40% of hires.

JOB HOPPING LOOKS BAD Long-time loyalty is appreciate, but when achievements are highlights, those that leave every 2 to 3 years are not penalize.

The opposite is true, and it’s fast becoming the norm that employees will begin a new job search once the challenge faced before them is complete. In fact, large pay raises are less likely when your experience takes place with one company. More myths busted in my most recent blog (link in comments)

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